So before you say…cool just another guy offering the same discount as all the other people WAIT.

I wasn’t originally going to sign up for the Super73 affiliate program, but with all that’s going on with the PEV-related non-profit I started I decided to join the program.

I’m now PROUDLY able to offer a $100 (USD) discount on ANY Super73 Bicycle. What make me different from the other people in the program? Well…half of the commission from the program will go DIRECTLY to the different charities and organizations that my local riding group supports.

We’re supporting a different charity every month, and for the month of September we decided to support The Great Cycle Challenge. This organization contributes towards fighting kids’ cancer. With the support of donors and sponsors, we’ve already raised half of our goal BEFORE THE CHALLENGE EVEN STARTS; our t-shirt and sticker sales have also added a good amount to the fundraising goal. More Info…

Bonus Items

As a special bonus, if you purchase a Super73 using my link, you will also get a Super73BayArea shirt as well as one of our stickers! You will also get a personal shout out in one of my videos or podcasts that are currently in production!

Summary Of What You Get:

  1. $100 of ANY Super73 eBike
  2. Super73BayArea T-Shirt & Sticker (shipped by me)
  3. Video shout out (I will notify you when your shout out will be on the internet)

What To Do:

1. Order a bike using my link (
2. Reach out to me so I can verify your information (for t-shirt size)
3. Wait for your bike to arrive so you can join the next group ride!

If you are looking for other things to get like protective gear and accessories I put up a lot of information on all the gear that I currently use.

That’s all from me; hope to be riding with you soon!

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