Not too much to say, but I Just put in an order for the first batch of our group t-shits.

Sizes available are medium, large, and extra large. 2nd batch will include small sizes, and we’ll eventually have options like sleeveless and long sleeves.

This will be in stock on August 14th.

Purchasing A T-Shirt

Like I mentioned above I only ordered 15 shirts to start, so if the size you need is not available I will reach out and will let you know when I’ll be ordering more or refund your money.

If you’re going to pick up a shirt from me at a ride please reach out to me right after you make the purchase and I will refund the shipping cost. Otherwise i’ll ship it to you OR just bring a $20 to the ride or Venmo me at the ride.

Small (Sold Out)
Medium (Sold Out)
Large (Sold Our)
X-Large (Sold Out)
XX-Large (current unavailable)


UPDATE 3/14/2020

T-Shirts are currently sold out, but fret not! New shirts are being printed and will be available soon with slightly different branding 🙂


We also have stickers available . I still have a lot of stickers from the first batch of printing with more on the way. The stickers are holographic so they also make decent reflectors!

Stickers can be had for $2 and again you can get them from me at a ride or I can use snail-mail to send these to you.

Purchasing A Sticker

Get them here

I will be putting half of all sales into The Great Cycling Challenge, which is an organization I committed to that is encouraging cyclist to ride to fight back against kids’ cancer.

Details on The Great Cycling Challenge can be found in my previous blog post:

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