Here’s a list of tools that I use to maintain and repair my bike. Some of these I carry with me on rides and the rest I leave in the toolbox at home.


Changing tires and tubes is never fun weather it be at home or on the side of the road. In any situation you’ll need wrenches to get the job done. On all Super73 bikes you’ll need a 15mm wrench for the front wheel and 21mm for the rear wheel.

Alternatively you can use an adjustable wrench, just make sure it opens up to 21mm

15mm Wrenches
21mm Wrenches

Allen Keys

A good set of allen keys is vital to have on you. The most common size to have with you is 2mm. This size is important because it allows you to adjust your brake levers when they go flaccid.

Allen keys are also required to change brake pads, attach bottle cages, remove fenders, adjust handle bars, etc.

Folding Allen Wrenches – Metric
T-Handle Allen Wrenches – Metric

Tire Inflators

Some folks prefer manual pumps, I on the other hand prefer CO2 Cartridges. You don’t have to agree or disagree but I keep CO2 with me on rides because if I do get a flat it’s much easier to seat the tire with the blast of air that CO2 cartridges provide. It’s highly recommended to refill your tires with air ASAP since CO2 by nature seeps out slowly.

CO2 Tire Inflator
CO2 Cartridges (threaded)

Manual bike pumps are great for emergencies, but I still prefer to have an electric pump for maintenance and top offs. I can’t imagine having a good time inflating a tire with a dinky hand pump. There are hand pumps that also take CO2 cartridges which I think are neat, but I still haven’t gotten around to trying one out.\

Manual Bike Pumps
Electric Bike Pumps*
*these are a bit expensive, but I race cars so it’s something I have by default

Tire Pressure Gauge

This is the tire pressure gauge I use mainly because it is specifically designed for the lower-pressure range. Many tire pressure gauges measure way beyond what you’d fill a bike tire to which makes it harder to be precise with your tire pressure. A gauge that goes up to 60PSI is much easier to read than one that goes to 200PSI. I’ve found that getting a gauge the has an extension hose makes monitoring and adjusting tire pressure easier.

eBikes are very sensitive to tire pressure, so making sure you have a precise and accurate gauge can lead to extended tire life, increased ride comfort, and range.

Recommended Gauges

Chain Degreaser and Lube