Hi. Will edit this post a bit more, but for the sake of time I’ll keep it brief! We’re doing a toy drive to round out the year, so I am asking everyone to please bring a new and unwrapped toy to group rides! I’ll be collecting them and then will drop them off at one of the many drop off locations in the Bay Area; deadline to get this done is December 19th!

We are very fortunate to have the community and toys that we have and naturally there are many that aren’t as fortunate. Toys 4 Tots organizes, collects and distribute toys to families that find themselves unable to provide their children with gifts for the holidays. I’m a strong believer in the power of community and paying things forward. Although our efforts might not be able to reach everyone in need we can still make a hell of a difference.

I’ve completed planning the last group ride I’ll be putting together for 2020; check out the Group Ride Info page. The last ride of the year will be on Sunday, December 13th, and will take place in San Francisco. We’ll be combining the two different SF routes we rode.

Buy off Amazon!

If you cannot make it to any group rides please reach out to me using any means and we can arrange a pickup OR you can order off Amazon and then have the toys shipped to me.

Matt Cajigal – PEV Collective
1212H El Camino Real #739
San Bruno, CA 94044

Don’t break the bank, in this case I think quantity slightly edges our quality. Basically think of something that maybe you or maybe your child or future child, or a child you know would like to receive. If you need ideas the Toys 4 Tots website has a lot of recommendations.

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