It just so happened that the ride was on my birthday okay? I totally didn’t plan it because it was my birthday. We had about 15 people join the ride and boy was it cool! We had a good mix of eBike including Super73s, Jucied, and even a custom build.

Nobody got hurt, everyone was able to complete the ride, and I got to meet a lot of new members of the #BayAreaSuperSquad which is the local group of riders that own Super73 eBikes in the bay area.

I totally forgot to grab my bag of SD cards before going to the ride, so I wasn’t able to record any of the ride. Luckily I was saved by my friends Jay and Moze, Chris, and Kevin.

Check out each of their videos, and don’t forget to click like, subscribe, and ring the bell so you get notifications when they post more ride videos.

Our next group ride is scheduled for Saturday, September 5th. I will be updating the group ride info page this week, and will start circulating the official Facebook events page not too soon after that.

Heads up we’re going to move around the bay and the next ride will be a ring around San Mateo.

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